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Pricelist and Table of Additional Fees

Pricelist for Standard, Children, Tricycle, Cargo and Tandem bikes

Payment for rental

Amounts from individual time ranges

Sum up.

Time range

Gross value

from 1 to 15 minutes

no fees

from 16 to 60 minutes


from 61 to 120 minutes


from 121 to 180 minutes


each subsequent commenced hour


Fee for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental

PLN 200

Fee for theft, loss or damage of children 6+ bike

PLN 1900

standard bike

PLN 2000

tricycle bike

PLN 4200

cargo bike

PLN 7000

tandem bike

PLN 7000

  Additional fees

Initial fee PLN 10
Letter notification regarding a breach to the Terms of Service PLN 10
Using the Bike for commercial purposes PLN 200
Ride on a Bike by a greater than allowable number of persons for a given type of Bike PLN 100
Removal of applied protections PLN 200
Non-authorized ride PLN 100
Leaving the Bike at a Station without protection PLN 100
Leaving the Bike in a different place than the Station, subject to point II.35 of the Regulations, in the User Zone PLN 180
Leaving the Bicycle in a place other than the Station, subject to point II.35 of the Regulations, outside the Use Zone PLN 500

Fees indicated in the tables are VAT tax inclusive.

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